LED vs LCD vs DLP Projectors

LED vs LCD vs DLP Projectors

The projectors are mainly used to project the videos, image and text in a variety of environment like classrooms, homes, conference room etc. There are different types of projectors available for various purposes and it is important to know about them before buying.

LED vs LCD vs DLP Projectors

LED, LCD, and DLP Technology

In this article, you can get more details about the three unique technologies used in the projector for the creation of the image.

LCD Projector

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projector produces a bright image and this technique is used in many electronic devices like creating an image in the watches. Most of the projector uses 3LCD technology for proving the sharp picture in any distance.

Usually, the image displays on the screen after the multistep process and it begins with a light source for the production of the beam of white light, then it passes through three mirrors which are specially shaped to reflect in certain wavelengths like red, green and blue. The beam of light falls over the LCD panel and it arranges pixel to display particular image on the screen based on the electric signal.  


  • Reliable than film projectors
  • Less Expensive
  • Colorful image in ambient light


  • The dust particle can interfere with image quality
  • No laser light engine option

LED Projector

If you don’t want to replace the projector lights, then the Light Emitting Diode (LED) is the best option for you. The best part of owing LED projector is the longer lifespan which is 4 to 5 times greater than that of the ordinary projector bulb. There is no color wheel needed for the image display like the traditional projector because it contains red, green and blue LEDs. It allows the different wavelength of the light to fall directly on the DMP chips for the production of the perfect image.  


  • More energy-efficient
  • Reduces the maintenance and operating cost
  • No color wheel


  • Produces low brightness than bulb based projector
  • It is difficult to replace the light engine

DLP Projector

The Data Loss Prevention projector is available in two versions such as single-chip and three-chip. The best part is that it has an array of microscopic mirrors that move towards the direction of the light source from the projector for producing the color of the pixel. It produces bigger and brighter image than other projectors. Using this, you can watch 3D movies and this type is best for playing video games.

Like the home projector, the single-chip creates sharp images and this type of projector uses color wheels for the generation of rainbow effect which produces the same white text in red, green and blue.  The three-chip DLP projector uses three chips for each primary color and it is also known as panels.


  • The devices are small and highly portable
  • Less expensive to repair


  • Production of colored stripes around brighter objects
  • Light Leakage

Which Technology is Most Popular?

Many people believes that the popularity of the LED projects continues to grow because of the presence of green factor and you can use it for long period without replacing the lamp. Every year growth in this technology is increasing and many features are included for producing the high-quality image.


Hope you get the clear idea about the different types of projectors available in the market. Choose the one which satisfies your needs and watch the movie with your friends or family to get more fun.

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