Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Projector Review

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Projector Review

Using digital projector, you can get the true movie theatre experience at your home which is not possible in LED televisions. It provides large screen images and allows the user to use the device wherever they want.

Is the Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Worth Buying?

The projects are available with different features, some are designed to provide 4K movie theatre experience and other designs are suitable for presentation purpose. Everyone cannot afford thousands of dollars for the digital projector system, but there are simple projectors available with the same features like Crenova LED video projector. Read this article, here you can get more details about this device.


First Look:

This device is very compact and you can get the experience same as that of the expensive models. The size of the device is 21 by 18 centimeter and you can take this projector with you while traveling because it requires less storage space.


The enclosure of the device is covered with plastic caps and the sides look like a striped white closure.  The focus ring is present at the front for adjusting the projector and the left side of the device contains control units. You can choose different settings based on your need using the digital navigation pad which contains three buttons such as select, back and menu. Using these, you can adjust the initial setup and go through the files to play the videos.

Screen Size:

The range of the image size is between 37 to 130 inches and it is ideal for the production of great focus you want. We recommend you to use 60 inch screen and little above the maximum range makes the picture out of focus. It has keystone which is important for the generation of the square-shaped screen and for the quality picture you have to watch the videos in the dark room.

The screen size depends upon the position of the projector if you place it closer, then it becomes smaller. Example: In order to achieve the 60 inch display, you need to place the device in 1.8 m away from the screen and you have to keep the projector far away to get a large display.


It provides high resolution (800X480) same as that of the HD sets and you don’t need to stretch the image. If you set the screen in any distance by adjusting the position of the projector, it will produce the sharp image in all range.

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) provides better color quality even you set the image in the larger distance and another interesting feature is the longer lifetime (20,000 hours) which is 5 times greater than that of the ordinary lamps.


The XPE460 video projector from Crenova contains 1200 lumen bulb and it produces the colorful image in the dark. It will not eliminate the fine details of the picture and increase the brightness.


This projector comes with a number of connectivity options and it supports HDMI port for the wired connection. The storage medium of the device contains all the video file and you can play it directly. It accepts SD card up to 64Gb and the USB memory like flash drives or external hard drives.    

Bottom Line

If you want to watch the video in the large screen with your family members at your home, then get this Crenova LED video projector to have a great experience.

Try this device and share us your experience.

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