Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector Review

Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector Review

Acer, one of the PC giant, has released a wide range of home entertainment projectors like home theater projectors, etc. at an affordable rate with the best quality and high-end performance. Acer is considered to be the high-quality, inexpensive projectors by many budget-conscious consumers.

In this article, let’s deal with the most popular and latest trend home theater projector H5380BD in detail.

Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector Review

The home theater projector is the revised version of Acer H5370BD, has come up with additional functionalities to make the product better. The projector is an entry-level home entertainment project and is designed for both 2D and 3D, and this is also a potential alternative to HDTV of 80 to 90 inches, and therefore you can save a lot of dollars.

An Overview of Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector

Rated at 3000 lumens and built around a 720p DLP engine is developed for home entertainment, the projector brings the 3D into your home with ease. The projector involves a lightweight and small form factor, 3000 lumens of brightness for crystal clear images and videos, a lamp which can withstand for 5,000 hours and a speaker of 2 watts which is built within the product.

The H5380BD is one of the dominant portable home theater projectors which is capable of bringing the Hollywood effect of clarity, video, and sound within your home LED screen. 1280 X 720 is the native resolution, and they are capable of scaling video from any SD sources or HD up to WUXGA resolution of 1920 X 1200.

The DLP Imaging device is designed with a single chip and backed by a lumen lamp ensures for the brightest lights even in the ambient place. The lens involves a 1.1 X optical zoom along with the 1.55 to 1.7:1 ratio for adopting various screen sizes and throw distances.

Essential Qualities of Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projectors

The model from the Acer can support connection to different video sources namely cable boxes, Blu-ray disc player, system and much more. There is an HDMI input which has the MHL support for charging your mobile device once they get connected. For the purpose of viewing legacy devices like SD and VCRs camcorders, there are Composite inputs and S-video paired along with stereo audio input in the analog format.

While considering the output audio system, they have the option to get connected with the receiver, amplified speakers, sound system, etc., the 2W speaker that is built in with the home theater projector does not have any access to the separate audio.

Single Chip DLP Technology

High-quality Image with crystal clear video is possible with the combination of a single chip that is covered in millions of color wheel and micromirrors; there is only less spacing between the pixels and have the good contrast when compared to the competitors LCD based home theater projectors.

Lamp – 3000 Lumens

In normal mode, the Osram type lamp produces about 3000 lumens brightness, and this is developed to last for about 5000 hours which is considered to be the unique thing in this home theater projector.

Take the distance from the screen and projector, the screen width, the gain reflection of the screen surfaces, the ambient light present close to the skin, etc. to know about the right brightness level needed for your application.

Throw Ratio (1.55 to 1.7:1)

Every projector lens has the vital specification, which is the throw ratio. The primary goal of this is to let you know the width of the image, and therefore you can calculate the distance from the screen quickly.

Native Aspect Ratio (16:9)

The Standard Widescreen format for an HDTV is 16:9 and this is considered to be unique one if you plan to watch an HD video, the projector supports the aspect ratio of 4:3 too. In order to make it happen you need the pillaring (black bars) to be applied or else you need to make the image to the right fit by cropping or stretching them.

DLP Link Active

3D synchronization of data between the number of video frames is possible with the DLP link technology which takes advantage of the more significant scan rate of the image. To make this happen, you will require a 3D glass compatible device and a 3D source to supply the data to the DLP Sync Data.

RS-232 Controllable

You need a Crestron, an automation system or a controllable software to operate the projector and this is achieved through the RS-232 port.

Configuration & Set Up

The home theater projector of this model is best for the tabletop placement, set up is made easy with the help of the zoom controls and manual focus, the zoom is just 1.1X which is far enough to give the flexibility to put the projector from the screen for the right image size.


The home theater projector is developed to display rainbow artifacts like flashes of green, blue and red. The DLP chips create colors, and therefore a potential concern with DLP projectors is identified. You can check out it exceptionally accurate in black & white clips, night scenes, etc.

Audio & 3D

Like other models of home entertainment projectors, the Acer also provides HDMI 3D 1.4a support, and therefore clear video sources are possible. The model does not contain any glasses so that using it for 3D can be little hard; you can make it easier by getting a glass separately.

The quality of the image was far similar in both 2D and 3D which also includes the rainbow artifacts.

Bottom Line

Hope the above review on Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector provided a bright idea on each quality, specifications, and features in depth.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector are welcome.

Have used the home entertainer projector before? If so, share your experience through the comment section below.

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