5 Best Android Projectors

5 Best Android Projectors

Turning a smart device into a home theater is possible with the right Android Projectors, and this is being the latest trend in the market at present. The Android projectors are designed to be light in weight and compact in size so that they can fit anywhere quickly, best to opt for the ones who love to use Android devices.

Even though there are many kinds of mini projectors exist, Android Projectors are highly preferred for their valuable tools and advanced features. Today in our article, let’s deal with the top 5 picks of Android Projectors and how to get them in depth.

Android Projectors Buying Guide

The picture quality of the smaller projectors is exciting and they stand out top when compared to other bigger projectors, the portability and versatility make the costumes go crazy for them. You can see magic in your screen size and get wondered if this small size projector can bring these much effects on a single screen.

There are some factors you need to look while getting an Android projectors namely


The critical factor to check out when choosing the projected image quality is the brightness; this stands an essential element when it comes to a nontraditional environment namely any outdoors. Only a bright projector is capable of producing bright and sharp images and videos on your home screens.

Image Resolution

One of the essential factors affects the picture quality is the resolution, not choosing the right image resolution will bring unclear and dull images and videos. The resolution varies from one unit to another; this can be compared to the television standards. Some projectors display high HD content like Blu-ray movies and video games etc. even if they have lower default resolution.

Throw Distance

Choosing the smaller throw ratios can help in displaying large images when the surface is close, other models with more substantial throw distance may have more extensive displays. Selecting the right throw ratio is tedious because the idea is based on using the projector and also depending on the room size.

Top 5 Best Android Projectors

Once you are clear in choosing the right type and features, the next step is to know from which manufacturer or brand you are going to get the android projectors. To make your work easier, our professionals have picked few top 5 picks of android projectors based on the customer reviews, ratings, specifications, popularity, quality, price range and much more.

Mini Led Android Projectors from ERISAN

There is no surprise in the famous manufacturer ERISAn ranking first in our best picks of top android projectors; the product comes with advanced features to make the projector a unique one from other competitors.

The Android projector features an Android CPU of 4.42 Quad core, a native resolution of 800*480, the lamp life can be extended up to 500000 hours, which is an ideal quality when compared to other android projectors. The projection sources available are HDMI*2, AV*1, USB*1, VGA*1, SD Card slot.

The Android projectors support Wifi and Bluetooth with ease, has the flash memory of 8G which includes EMMC, Nand-Flash, and memory of 1G DDRIII.

The Android projectors supports files namely image in the JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP format, Video Encoding in MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Xvid and DivX format, Audio in WMA, MP3 and WAV formats, E-book in TXT format and video in DAT, MPG, AVI, VOB, MOV, RMVB and RM formats.

The Manufacturers has the latest upgrade of LED technology, and therefore you are ensured for the high-quality brightness when compared to other standard LED projectors.

The projection size supported by the projector is about 34 to 120 inches, the product comes with a power adapter, ERISAN projector, AV Cable, User manual, Lens cap, Android remote control and multimedia remote control.

The price of the product is high but worth the penny invested in the android projectors; the manufacturer offers two years warranty for the product so that you can get the one without any hesitation. Measures about 2.17 pounds and comes with the dimension of 7.9 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches.

Built-In battery Full HD Home Theater Android Projector from WOWOTO

One of the famous manufacturers who is preferred for their high quality and versatile products by the customers, WOWOTo ranks second in our best picks of Android Projectors. The manufacturer has come with good conditions to stand ideal from other projectors in the market.

The android projector is the portable one which is compatible with different devices and applications like gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, phones, HDMI Devices, etc. You can connect your computer and the device without any Wi-fi or NFC connection with ease, experience the images and videos in the projection up to 300 inches and create your home cinema with this attractive android projectors.

Best for the work presentation, home cinema, wireless with screen function, entertainment, airplay, supports DLNA and Miracast. The essential features of this Android projector are their brightness power of 2000 lumens, Manual Keystone corrections, WXGA resolution of 1280*800, supporting 3D movies functionalities, Built-in Lithium-ion battery with 7800 mAH, etc.

The projector comes with a WOWOTO T8E projector, power adapter, HDMI cable, AV cable, User manual and a projector bag for holding the projectors when not in use.

The manufacturer offers one year warranty for the product so that you can get the product without any hesitation; the price is high but worth the penny you invest in the android projectors. Measures about 1.5 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 7.8 x 1.6 x 4.8 inches.

Android Mobile Projector from Pocket Pico

The third place in our best picks of top android projectors is the famous manufacturer, Pocket Pico who develops a lot of successful mobile, home, business and other accessory products with affordability. The product has come up with ideal functionalities to stand unique from other android projectors.

The manufacturer has developed the android projector to be small, intelligent, versatile and light in weight; they feature a palm size DLP projector which can be placed in your pocket and designed to be compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

With HDMI, Vertical Keystones, 5G Wifi, 16GB inbuilt storage, HDMI, etc. you will be able to enjoy internet streaming and more space for storing and watching your fav movies, songs, presentations, video games and media.

The interface of the projector comes with a lot of business apps and entertainments namely Google Drive, Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Youtube, Polaris office, etc.

You can also download the app from the google play store app to the device itself and connect it to the projector for enjoying the high-quality home cinema. The miracast apps and Airplay will help in making the mirroring easy and quick.

With 2000:1 contrast ratio, 500 lumens brightness, the native resolution of 854X480p, the 120 inches screen projection size, etc. helps in impressing your dorm buddies and makes your kids enjoy the show as in a theater big screen. You can connect any HDMI friendly device namely the Xbox One, laptop, PlayStation, etc. for convenient and faster display projection.

The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget; the manufacturer offers one year warranty so that you can get it without any hesitation. Measures about 8.2 ounces and comes with the dimension of 5.8 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches.

Portable Android Mini Projector from Aodin

The fourth place in our best picks of Android projector is for the high-end manufacturer Aodin, who develops many successful products for their customers based on their interest and needs. Watch your favorite songs, movies, presentations, games along with friends and family members with a good theater experience by just sitting your home.

The mini android projector is portable and designed specially to offer the fascinating experience of the home cinema. You could bring the projector in your pocket, and therefore you can carry anywhere you need with ease and watch out the required images and videos. You will be able to transfer, share or project data quickly without any cables or wires.

Forget the tangling cords hassles and adapt to the pocket android projector immediately for playing your favorite games and watch movies wirelessly from anywhere you need.

The internal battery made of lithium polymer helps the product to last for more than 3 hours, high-quality images with excellent brightness is achieved on your HD presentation screens.

The DLP technology, HDMI input, Native resolution of 854*480, the Aspect ratio of 16:9, Keystone correction, high brightness, extended storage, Lithium battery with 5000mAH are some of the specifications why customers love this product.

The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget, comes with one-year product warranty and therefore you can get them without any confusion. Measures about 8.2 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 5.8 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches.

Smart Android Projector with Remote from CAIWEI

Last but not the least, CAIWEI captures the fifth place in our best picks of Android projectors, the manufacturer has their unique feature and specifications, they get differ from other competitors in many good qualities.

The powerful functions like 4200 lumens brightness, 1280X800 native resolutions, 5000:1 contrast ratio and 1920 X 1200 WUXGA maximum resolution makes your images, videos, presentations, games go clear on your home screen with good sound.

The Miracast/Airplay/DLNA helps in synchronizing the android projector efficiently and gets connected to IOS or Android phone quickly, and therefore they are considered to be the dominant wireless projector.

The Android system of the recent update 4.4.4 system makes you download any of your favorite songs, movies, games easily.

The manufacturer has designed the android projectors for the larger screen and can be focused in shortest distances.

The projection size of the screen is about 50 to 200 inch, the distance that gets focussed is approximately 6.56 to 16.4 ft. The more extended storage means the long-term use, the manufacturer has delivered the complete package list with a projector, 4.8FT HDMI cable, 4.9FT AC power cable, VGA cable, remote control, user manual, AV cable.

The price of the product is less when compared to other product listed above in our best picks of android projectors; the manufacturer comes up with one year warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation. Measures about 6.1 pounds and comes with the dimension of 14.8 x 11.2 x 5.3 inches.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide and best picks of Android Projectors helped you to choose the right projector as per your need and comfort.

Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on the Best Android Projectors are welcome.

Have you used any of the above android projectors before? If so, share your experience through the comment section below.

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